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Written in PHP, Amadeus is a Microframework or Content Management System used for building powerful websites.

It's a no-nonsense proprietary system, unique for its NO-DATABASE customizable taxonomy (content architecture)

It has been used in over 20 websites - best of all, it uses a single copy of its libraries per server and will soon have an "unmanaged" license.

The themes and framework folders contained in its core are accessed via an entry point by the cms file of the "site"'s code folder

It boasts a 50kb footprint (excluding v2's wordpress and markdown modules) and loads the html in a blazing < .05 seconds, using on average < 1MB.

It uses git technology to effectively manage content and code in a single online repository. Databases, though frowned upon, GCP may become the de facto Headless CMS for systems like Sunlight. A PWA was proven last November to bring a mobile app feel along with multisite support.

Vanilla Flavour

A jQuery version with no need for server technologies like php / .net / java is also in the works.


On a fresh machine, its best setup using command line with Magique (still ironing out a few chinks) and VSCode / PSPad.

The old [setup] system of using xampp is still recommended for developers who also would need mysql web apps running locally and/or want mysql connectivity from amadeus.