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Converting A Theme

1. Finding a Theme

Start with a HTML Template from the internet. Some good places to start:

2. Save to themes folder

3. header.php

a. Title and Meta

Search For <title> and replace the line with: <title><?php title(); ?></title>

Search for <meta content="" name="description"> <meta content="" name="keywords"> and replace with (a single) <?php seo_tags(); ?>

b. Icon (for browser tab)

and add this line just after that `

<link href="<?php echo cs_var('url'); ?>icon-<?php echo cs_var('safeName'); ?>.png" rel="icon" />


c. $theme

Search for


and replace with

"<?php echo $theme; ?>assets

d. site assets

Search for all the css/js files in the file. This is either in the head or just before . After it, add the line: <?php styles_and_scripts(); ?>

e. head hooks

Before the tag ends, add the line <?php head_hooks(); ?>

f. Menu

In, its usually within this tag