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Gadar (hindi movie) and other glimpses https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zemrWBIc_hE


This weekend I started a new phase of my life. Fluid and freewheeling. To new beginnings (with glasses high).

Also think of Southern Cross.

#10Questions and #10Topics
1) How to #LiveFree? See: JK's pathless land
2) What is #SelfLove?
3) What is Game B? See: JRRT's eucatastrophe
4) What means to man up? Think: Martin
5) How to persevere? See: SCS's obstacles
6) How to live a life of purpose
7) Why does man only propose? How to deal with it? See: AH's plot change
8) Being there for loved ones - unconditionally!
9) How does one turn down the clutter?
10) What is God?